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Company Profile

Bia Essence Holdings was created to house under the same Corporate Entity a Top of the Line Hydroponic farm and the ownership of the Land where the Operations are located.

The Hydroponic Project is based on the newest technologies to build 8’000 square meters fully computerized State of the Art Greenhouses. The venture has been proofed for 2 years though the production of fragile and demanding Leafy Products with a strong focus on Consistency and Quality.

The premises are located in Kirokitia, midway between the Capital City Nicosia, the International Airport of Larnaca and the main Commercial Harbor of Limassol. The Land enjoys a relatively cool weather as well as abundant water, key components for the establishment of such a Project.

Bia Essence’s Management is today proud to operate the Largest Licensed Hemp Production of Cyprus in a Chemical and Heavy Metal Free Environment.

Key Features

Technologically advanced

The brain of the production facility is its computer controlling all systems and monitoring nutrients, lights, air quality and circulation, CO2, temperature and irrigation. Optimum Climatic Environment in all growing zones is performed though the analysis of live feeds received from the Weather Station.

After extensive research, empirical trials and close observation in plants reactions, the head of the farm developed perfectly balanced recipes for each stage of maturation.

Water Preservation

Water is reverse osmosed to strip out all undesirable substances.

A modern hydroponic installation consumes very little water and does not release polluted water in nature. The water used in the crops nutrition circuit is recycled for optimal nutrients consumption. Additionally, recycling water allows remarkable cuts in production costs.

Environmental Friendly

Bia Essence operates in a Heavy Metal and Chemical Free environment. We always relied on natural products. We master the usage of Plant Extracts, Mineral Fertilizers and Beneficial Insects which are implemented through GlobalGAP procedures. The Greenhouses’ Operator holds a GAP Certification.

Socially Responsible

We believe in social awareness and we always strive to make an impact on the local community. We favor working with local suppliers and subcontractors. We hire locally and continuously train our employees, helping the local population affected by high unemployment.


Securing the facility is a main law requirement to avoid seeing product ending in the illegal market. The premises are already under video monitoring and protected by an alarm system 24/7. A Private Security company was contracted to patrol the property outside of working hours. Additionally, the Management is organizing security protocols to cope with all new legal obligations for running a Medical Cannabis Operation.

Board of Directors

The key to BIA Essence success comes from a management with complementary skills and an entrepreneurial mind set.

Olivier Sigolet

Co-founder (MBA), Director - Chief Executive Officer

Olivier spent 20 years in investment banking, in the United States and in France where he effectively supervised teams of Senior Sales Traders. Olivier acquired during his career a strong experience in sales, management and financial operations.

Andria Andreou


Andria Andreou is a dual-qualified lawyer (UK / Cyprus) specialising in wealth management and multi-jurisdictional asset protection. She has gained extensive experience and knowledge whilst serving institutional and private clients across a variety of subject matters, including: corporate and commercial law; tax and succession planning; corporate trust and fund set-up and administration services for all types of cross-border corporate vehicles, structured finance vehicles, and corporate holding structures.

Andria is also President of the Cyprus Cannabis Association (registered under auspices of Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry), and founding partner in Cyprus of Global Go which provides sophisticated consulting services to the global cannabis and hemp industry, powered by a team of cannabis industry pioneers and world-class consultants.

Constantinos Hadjiandreou

Director – Chief Operating Officer

Constantinos Hadjiandreou holds the position of Chief Operations Officer (COO) in Bia Essence Ltd. Using his contacts and expertise he has come to understand and actively be involved in the Cannabis industry in Cyprus. Using a hands-on approach, organisational abilities, and industry expertise he has progressed and developed skills fundamental to running large scale projects.
He has extensive experience in Imports and exports of Agricultural products.
He is a founding member of the Cyprus Cannabis Association where he holds the Vice-President position on the board.

Christophe Sigolet

Founder (MBA), Consultant

Christophe has a long-term management experience in industrial farming in different part of the world. He has for many years consulted African’s governments for developing durable agriculture programs based on no till technology and water preservation.

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Contact Us

P.O. Box 20362, 2151 Cyprus